How do I buy a subscription?

To subscribe please visit our subscriptions site: and choose your subscription type.

Once you have completed this procedure then you can start accessing the editions either by signing into the web reader for PC & laptops, or by downloading The Independent Daily Edition app from your app store.

Once downloaded you will need to log into the app as an existing subscriber as below:

To log in please open up the app where you will see three icons: a star, a head and shoulders and a cog wheel. Please click on the head and shoulders and log in with your username (this is the same as your email address) as well as the password you created. You will then see a message that says ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION FOUND.

Please then click on the little "X" on the right hand side where you will be taken to menu page with the newspapers. You will then be able to read and download the editions without it asking for payment.

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