Understanding the menu

From the opening page of the app, tapping the menu icon on the top left will present you with five options:

Downloaded – Tap here to show all the editions of the newspaper that you have downloaded and stored on your device

Bookmarks – Tap here to see any articles that you have bookmarked to read

Account – Tap here if you need to log in to your Independent Account, or Restore purchases from iTunes

Settings – Tap here to see help about the app, details on how automatic downloads work, change the text size in the application and read our privacy policy

From within the Daily Edition, there are two menu buttons. The three dots in a horizontal line on the top right display the app functions. From here you can:

Bookmark an article to read it later, Share an article via email, social media or any other sharing option available on your device Searchthe edition for any content you want to find Resize Text to make it easier to read the edition if you find the text too small viewThumbnails of every page in the edition to quickly swipe through the pages and choose content to read

The four vertical lines on the top left display all of the content available in the edition. From here you can view all of the articles and the puzzles, and tapping on an item will load that page in the app. The menu can be collapsed by tapping the red arrow on the right of any section.

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